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Many people have only heard Iva Toguri's voice during press interviews, save for a few shortwave broadcast recordings from the war. When Iva spoke with me, her tone was more conversational because by 1987 Iva and I had been friends for a couple of decades. Listening to her voice on these recordings may help explain why Charles Cousens chose Iva for his new POW-produced program, Zero Hour. Equally important, in my opinion, the recordings manifest Iva's unguarded everyday personality, which could be described as easy going, delightful, and downright fun.

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Technical Information:

In 1987, I recorded 50+ hours of interviews with Iva Toguri on an Otari 5050B professional 1/4" tape machine. To protect the masters, I dubbed them to 1/8" audio cassette. This transfer sometimes resulted in clipping when peak volume levels were exceeded. The excerpts above are edited MP3 copies of the cassette tapes.

During our sessions, Iva spoke into a small microphone pinned to her blouse. My voice can be heard only indirectly in the background, picked up by Iva's mic. In the clips above my audio may be artificially amplified; otherwise my remarks would be extremely difficult to hear. This process causes clips to sound somewhat unnatural.

Finally, I edited the excerpts to remove digressions, repetitions, and irrelevant material. The content has not been substantively altered to remove material unflattering to Iva Toguri or to myself.
Excerpt Title
Vocal Quality
Iva talks about the debate concerning her voice, and explains how Charles Cousens helped enhance her broadcast personality.
Baseball Tomboy
Preschool Reunion
Iva reminisces about her time in preschool and her father's "fit" when her appearance at the pre- school reunion turned into disaster. I use this event as a metaphor for Iva's life in 2014 TR/AP, pp. 35, 303.
Why Iva loved baseball and disliked fishing.
Sitting Sleeping
Iva details her first impressions of Japan re: sitting at the dining room table and sleeping
Nisei Turncoats
Iva expresses her anger at the Nisei in Japan, discussed in the 2014 Revised TR/AP, pp. 163.
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