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of United States v. Iva Ikuko Toguri (1949)
FORTHCOMING -- Clark Lee -- war correspondent; he interviewed Iva on September 1, 1945 and had her sign a contract as Tokyo Rose
Marshall Hoot -- bosun's mate; his letter to his wife and kids had a tremendous emotional effect on the jury
FORTHCOMING -- J. Richard Eisenhart -- Sugamo guard and first trial witness; he provided a yen note that Iva had autographed "Tokyo Rose"
FORTHCOMING -- Major Charles Cousens -- Iva's POW superior at Radio Tokyo
FORTHCOMING -- Norman Reyes -- another POW; considered the worst defense witness, he undermined all POW testimony
Trial testimony requires scanning 1949 carbons, repairing errors, and editing for length. I regret I cannot add testimony more quickly. Witnesses other than those listed above will eventually be available on this site.
Tokyo Rose /
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