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Marshall Hoot Testimony Section 1
Trial Testimony of Marshall Hoot
"Marshall Hoot was the best GI witness, the best prosecution witness, and, to give the devil his due, the best witness in the entire trial." (TR/AP 2014 revised, p. 368)
Hoot's direct testimony runs from Trial Transcript, volume XX (August 2, 1949), pp. 2110 to 2119. His cross examination runs from vol. XX, pp. 2119 to 2152, to vol. XXI (August 3, 1949), pp. 2153 to 2215. This totals more than 100 pages of testimony, obviously too lengthy to be recreated here.

Yet to excerpt this testimony showing only the key points would mislead readers. Jurors sat through hour after hour of repetitive questioning and had no idea when a "key point" might manifest itself. So I've included some of the tedium as well as the important testimony. I have edited the Hoot testimony to 3 website pages.
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