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Tokyo Rose / An American Patriot cover
On January 4, 1948 Walter Winchell reported that Clark Lee had informed him that he, Lee, had turned over to the FBI a signed confession by Tokyo Rose (Iva Toguri) and that the FBI apparently was doing nothing to prosecute the famous traitor. Probably in response, D.M. Ladd prepared a memo summarizing the case (1 - 3 below).

At the bottom of the memo Hoover prints his belief that the FBI should apprise Winchell of the facts. He followed his own suggestion the next day with a letter to his friend Walter (4 below).

For a discussion of the Winchell involvement, see 2014 revised edition of
TR/AP, pp. 289-293.
Tokyo Rose Case Summary (January 5, 1948)
+ Hoover letter to Walter Winchell (January 6, 1948)
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Tokyo Rose /
An American Patriot:
A Dual Biography